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Get the best car hire deal for your trip to Girona and experience life in the fast lane at low rates with us.

With daily rates starting from as little as £12 per day you can enjoy your holiday with the reliability of Car Hire Girona Airport. Choose a car from our varied fleets such as a serviced Toyota Yaris or Honda Jazz and you will receive exciting extras fully inclusive of your price.

Some include Premium Location Fee, Unlimited Mileage and Liability insurance.Car Rental Girona provides many flexible options for collecting your car and returning it.

Car Hire Girona Mini Guide

With a population of 94,484 in 2008 is the Spanish city of Girona which is in the north eastern part of Catalonia. The city has a nice mix of seasons making for a different experience throughout times of the year. In winter you will need to wrap up as temperatures can be as low as -5 degrees Celsius,where as summer is a good time for using your Car Rental Girona air-con with temperatures reaching between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Regardless of the weather there is plenty to see and do for all. Pleasant sites are available wherever you may visit within the city due especially in the ancient part. Here you will see narrow cobbled streets winding around the city and leading to the Onyar River and its foot bridges.

The edge of the city running along the river is known to be more modern to that of the old town.

For those interested in architecture the 14Th century Collegiate Church of Saint Feliu is a popular site. Inside visitors can admire the tomb of the valiant and outside the spire, which is one of the few that are genuine in the whole of Spain.

With the use of your Car Hire Girona Airport you can explore the city further and find sites such as the Romanesque Benedictine Church and the Farinera Teixidor art noeveau building. The Jewish quarter of the city is an interesting historical site where you can find many bars, restaurants and small museums.

Car Hire Girona Airport – GRO

Girona Airport allows for tourists and commuters to visit the city centre which is only 7.8 miles southwest of the centre. What started as a small airport in 1965 with small amounts of passengers has now became extremely popular and in 2008 saw an impressive 5,507,000 utilize its services.

The airport connects to European destinations with airlines such as Ryanair, Star1 Airlines and Jetairfly.

Girona Airport GRO is also known as Girona Costa Brava Airport.